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Jungle Joe is a brand new Commodore 64 puzzle-adventure game.

Your objective is very simple, build your path to the level exit by using ladder pieces.

On your way, there are many puzzling choices to make. Avoid enemies and other hazards.

One level is divided into three checkpoints.

The game has a password system to load already played levels.

The game is tested on real hardware, TheC64, and VICE emulator. The game will run in PAL and NTSC modes, but it's not optimized for NTSC.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorVector5 Games
TagsCommodore 64


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Good job! https://c64universe.wordpress.com/2023/12/31/jungle-joe-2022-vector5-games/

Very nice puzzle game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:14:41. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

almost forgot the cover for this one: https://ibb.co/YTf0mnL

(valid 1 week)

Fun game! When using C64 for MiSTer, the number keys don't work in Jungle Joe so I can't enter the level code/password. I tried two different keyboards. I checked that the number keys do work at the C64 basic prompt.

Hey BeforeSunsetOwl!

Jungle Joe doesn't have input for the number keys and level codes don't include any numbers, only letters.

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That’s a relief — I thought it was a problem with the MiSTer. Thanks for the clarification!

very good

bonito juego,gracias

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rick dangerous, is that you? did they rip your sprites for this? #suspicious..

anyway, 7-ish/10

Ein absolut geniales super Game..bin echt süchtig danach..danke Andira fürs vorstellen.Hab auch gleich dafür gespendet denn sowas sollte man echt honorieren, weiter so.Grüsse Marco

I love it! Although he "tricked" me a couple of times, I love it!
C64 Forever!

Jani Parviainen und Sami Juntunen haben hier ein richtig tolles Puzzle Adventure im Dschungelstyle herausgebracht. Macht voll Spaß!

Auf meinem YouTube Kanal habe ich es im Rahmen der C64 Spielzeit vorgestellt. Schaut doch mal vorbei:


Tolles Review auf dem Kanal :-)

Vielen lieben Dank für dein Lob! Hab mich sehr gefreut. 😀

Das Spiel macht einen Riesenspaß! Vor allem die Levelcodes gefallen mir und die vielen Rätsel. Richtig toll! 🕹


Hab's mir grad runtergeladen und werd mich mal versuchen an dem game :-)

Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß dabei! Und nicht vergessen immer die Levelcodes aufzuschreiben. 😎


Danke Andira Du bist jetzt schuld das ich total süchtig nach diesen Game bin.LG Marco

Hi Marco,
ich mag das Spiel auch total und bin auch ein wenig süchtig danach. Richtig toll gemacht mit toller Grafik und toller Musik. 😀
Viele Grüße und bis bald, Andira 

Great game. Needs some tweaks (e.g. snakes killing, controls) but, anyway, awesome stuff!

Very well crafted and designed game, I am really enjoying it!

Thank you for this wonderful Indy-Rick Style game. I was enjoyed yesterday to play on my Twitch channel Alextiger71, then i want to upload the gameplay on Youtube for you. I like the 3 stage for the level and the retry option when you are stucked. I reach for now the 7th level. Great Game!

Thanks! I watched some highlights of your video on Twitch.

Definetly, you got a great game. Controls maybe need some little settings to execute a little better ( specially ladders ). Anyway is greta to play it. Thanks and congrats ! uhh almost firget to mention that music really rocks ! Cool !

Super game. A mixture of Rick Dangerous and Montezuma's Revenge :D May there be more such interesting titles. I invite you to my channel with a short gameplay of this masterpiece :) Long live the Commodore :D

It's a nice game but hitting the snakes is frustratingly hard. Graphics sounds and gameplay for the rest are great and fun and challenging. I kept playing it for half an hour but the timing on hitting the snakes kind off threw me off. If that could be a little less precise this would make it an excellent game for me.

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This is so, so awesome and Indy-like! Love the theme - really Montezuma's Revenge-esque! Question: Would it be totally out of place to please ask you to consider a native Commodore 128 port of Jungle Joe? It doesn't have to feature any extra bells or whistles at all - in fact, I'd go wild just being able to type "RUN" from the BASIC 7.0 prompt to start Jungle Joe.

Why? Well, the Commodore 128's games collection is so small any addition to it would be a huge boon, and a clear sign of good-will to the Commodore 128 community. I'd be most grateful if you would consider it, not closing any doors. Having an Aztec like platformer running natively on the C128 would be a feat and an acomplishment all of its own! Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

I wonder why vector5 should rebuild its game in 128 mode without adding anything our C128s can already run in 64 mode. 

I thought I explained that pretty well? Please read the second paragraph of my post.

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Yes, I read your pretty well written explanation, however I still can't figure why vector5 should rebuild its game in 128 mode "just to have it", without any valuable enhancement that would take advance of 128's advanced features.

I agree!  I'd like that, too.  Something like what they did for Frantic Freddie 2, which does have a version for both the C64 and the C128.

Thanks! Just ask the developer politely and hope for the best.


Awesome game!