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Cool puzzle game, I like it. I wonder if it's possible to collect all presents in every level for bonus points.

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Very nice christmas game - for sure one of the best on the C64. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:09:56. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

another cover i forgot to post:

(1 week valid link as usual)

Heh, thanks!

good gameplay, nice gfx 7.8/10

Great !!

Excellent puzzle/action game!  More like this please!!!  Here is a game play video... my final score was 109,700!  Does anyone know what the maximum possible score for this game is?  I think I might be close! :)  Please subscribe to my channel if you are able!  Thank you Vector5Games for the great fun provided with this game during my holiday!

It's always awesome to see new Commodore 64 games especially holiday themed ones.

This game is very fun, graphic, sound and gameplay are top notch

Wow, addictive with Solomans Key vibes and easily worth paying for.

To the maker, have you considered doing this as a full puzzle-platformer without the Sant wrapping ;-)

Great game! What's everyone's high score?  I'm at 101,600... also of note, a little bug when you roll the score over 100k.  :D  

Addictive puzzle game. Keep up the good work!

Excellent game. Nice ideas.

Thank you! :-)

Fantastic game! Awesome music! Great Work!

Good ideas, simple but nice puzzle game for this season! :) Santa’s Workout

hi, which of the 3 files works on The C64? Thanks.

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The code system is a little annoying because you have to remember it every time you die, and sometimes santa runs a little too far... maybe a one step per press would solve that?

What would have been incredibly cool is if you released each day (the code on a automated site) as they came instead, like a calendar! But that would be hacked really fast...

Nice game!

Alternatively, you can look for the codes in my video. The complete game with all 24 days:


It's November 27th!

Hi oldschooljoe!

It's released now!